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What are they?

Stretch marks are grey and white scars that are a result of obesity, quick weight gain or loss, puberty, pregnancy etc. Whenever the skin is stretched or relaxed too quickly for the dermis (middle layer of skin) to keep up with the pace, the collagen structure is broken and scars occur. It is dependent on genetic reasons as well. Usually, arms, chest, lower back, waist, tummy and inner thighs are the areas that are affected. Unfortunately, they are untreatable by topical treatments and home remedies, and only cosmetic corrections have proven to be effective.

Common Stretch Marks management treatments

Topical Creams & lotions

The market is flooded with various creams and lotions that claim to cure stretch marks. However, it is difficult to gauge the specific results. However, researches show that they fail to show any visible improvement in a considerable span of time.


Laser is by large the cheapest cosmetic procedure that has proven quite effective in the treatment. A beam of laser light is focused on the affected skin. The latest technology does not cuts or burns the skin but meddles with molecular bonds of the tissue causing it to disintegrate. The treatment may require multiple sittings depending on the severity and age of stretch marks present. Immedately after a session the skin may be red and inflamed which quickly heals. The healing time may vary from 3 days to 2 weeks depending on individuals and the severity and extent of treatment.


Once the treatment is complete, 90% cases are completely healed, and in severe cases with deep and old scarring, they are visibly reduced.


The laser beam is capable of ablating the skin. So the only risk that exists is in mishandling of gun. So choose a good plastic surgeon India.


This is the only 100% effective method, but is an invasive surgery required to be performed by a medically qualified plastic surgeon India. If you already know what tummy tuck is, the extra flabby skin around your lower abdomen is stretched and extra skin is sculpted and discarded. Unfortunately, it is only available for tummy region, but evidently, it is also the most seriously affected area where other treatments are not as effective.


100% recovery


The dermatologist should identify if you are a right candidate for it or if other methods are more suitable.

With the ever increasing crime rates, it is impossible for the security services to keep a check on every other person's safety. Thefts, assaults, rapes, and other crimes are on a constant rise and it is highly essential for the common man to take safety precautions to save him, rather than depend on the armed forces. These things are uncalled for and they happen to us at the most unexpected times. So it is advised to be rather safe than sorry by taking necessary precautions. Safety precautions are particularly needed by women who are more prone to such dangers and who are rendered helpless in almost all best massage gun situations. Thus we have certain self defense products introduced in the market today to keep these crimes at bay and to ensure personal safety.

One of the most effective self defense techniques is the use of an electric shock producing device called an Electronic Stun Device (ESD) also known as the stun gun. Stun guns are non lethal and do not cause any permanent injuries. It just immobilizes the attacker for a certain period. It has direct effect on the muscular actions controlled by the nervous system. Using a stun gun is a very easy process given that you know how to handle it. On mishandling the gun it may cause damage to you or it may fall into the wrong hands and used against you instead.

The foremost thing to do, when you buy a stun gun is familiarize yourself with the different parts of the stun gun. The shape, size, and design of these guns may vary according to the manufacturer; hence it is important for you to first educate yourself on basic parts of a regular stun gun. A quintessential stun gun consists of a pair of test probes, a pair of contact probes, on and off switch, a trigger, a wrist strap, and a battery slot. When you buy an ESD you need to test the test probes and contact probes but avoid direct contact with these parts. Now switch on the on/off button a couple of times and get the feel of doing it with ease. Once this is done, you need to locate the trigger on the gun and check the battery slots as well. These are usually situated at the bottom of the gun. Remove and replace the battery a few times to see whether the gun works every time you do it. Now gently slide your hand into the wrist strap, steer the gun away from your body and face it towards the front. Now click the switch ON button on the gun and press the trigger. Check if you observe sparks fly between the two probes.

Knowing how to operate the ESD in an effective manner means only half the battle is won. It depends on your frame of mind and alertness level to judge how well you make use of your weapon. The voltage levels can be adjusted accordingly. The part of the body of the attacker that are ideal targets are upper thigh, shoulders, or below the rib cage. However, stun guns do work on contact with any body part. You need to hold the gun for 1-5 seconds to incapacitate the assailant. The best part of the stun gun is you do not experience any kind of slightest shock while touching the gun to the body of the attacker or even when you touch the attacker with your bare hands.

Thus if you inculcate a habit of carrying around your ESD and having it by your side in potentially dangerous places that you may think makes the situation vulnerable for an attack, you end up feeling much safer and stronger and confident.